Battery Recycling Program

Battery Center can now help recycle your old used Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries.


Make an Impact; Be Responsible and Recycle your batteries once they have served their purpose

Batteries are not healthy to the environment if not disposed of properly.  Batteries can contain heavy metals and other hazardous materials/ chemicals.  If we do not take the initiative to send batteries to a recycler, they can end up doing harm to our environment if dumped in landfills or set aside and forgotten.

  • Recycling batteries keeps heavy metals out of landfills and the air. Recycling saves resources because recovered plastic and metals can be used to make new batteries.
  • A good recycler uses every bit of the batteries they collect, regardless of chemistry, and use their byproducts to make new products, including batteries and stainless-steel items. 

Types of batteries we recycle: 

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Are the Only Batteries We Currently Recycle

Battery Recycling Program:

Battery Center will accept sealed lead acid batteries from everyone as long as the guidelines below are followed.  For the safety of the transporters, our Battery Center employees and the recycler’s safety, please follow each and every guideline and only ship the batteries we have mentioned that we recycle. The Customer shall be solely responsible for complying with all Department of Transportation (“DOT”) regulations, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Hazard Communication Standard and any other federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to the packaging, labeling, manifesting and transportation of the batteries to Battery Center's facility.

The Customer’s failure to comply with Federal, State or Local laws and regulations relating to the packaging, labeling, manifesting and transportation of the batteries to Battery Center’s facility can result in an explosion and a fire, either in transportation or at the receiving facility.

There are many kinds of batteries available today and several are regulated as hazardous materials in transportation that may only be shipped by certified hazmat carriers.


Lead-Acid Batteries (Vented and SSLA):

Common in emergency lighting, lead-acid batteries also power electric wheelchairs, computer UPS units, continuous back-up power supply systems, and other emergency power supply applications. These batteries contain a highly corrosive acid (sulfuric) and are capable of causing fires from short circuits.

To ship lead-acid batteries by surface (rail, truck, sea vessel, etc.) within, to and from the United States, the shipments must meet the criteria shown below.

  • Batteries must be arranged on a pallet in a manner to prevent short circuits.  Batteries terminals must be taped and separated by card board if stacked so that electrically active terminals cannot come into contact with each other.
  • Tested, proven non-Spillable batteries are allowed to be shipped as non-hazardous within the U.S.  Batteries and packaging must be marked "NONSPILLABLE" or "NONSPILLABLE BATTERY.
  • The shippable container must meet D.O.T. Packaging Group III requirements
  • D.O.T. Shipping Description:    UN 2800, Batteries, Wet, Non-Spillable, Class 8, PG III, UN 2794, Batteries, Wet, Containing Acid, 8, PG III
  • The shippable container must be marked with a Class 8 Label, Corrosive, as shown below. The label must be a background of contrasting color and must be at least 6 mm in height.

These batteries do not require a D.O.T. Shipping Label.


Shipping Services:

Always use ground services to ship batteries. Never use air services to ship batteries accumulated for recycling for safety reasons, as such shipments are prohibited by regulation (see e.g., IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, Special Provision A154).

Shipments requiring hazardous-materials handling are accepted from contract hazmat shippers only.

Ship out the properly packaged batteries to Battery Center's Battery Recycling address below:

Battery Center

1520-B Broadmoor Boulevard

Buford, Georgia 30518


Other Recourses

( – Visit call2recycle’s website to find a local battery recycling center near you for all battery types.


Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about recycling your batteries with or recycling in general, feel free to contact us at our toll-free number: (800) 225-557 or email us at: