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Deep Cycle GEL Batteries

GEL batteries are commonly used over conventional liquid acid batteries in extreme conditions where vibration or possible damage to a battery can occur or where a non maintenance battery is needed. Not only are they sealed, there is no fluid electrolyte to leak out of the battery and no need to check fluid levels. They can also be easily installed in hard to reach locations upside down, right side up or sideways since they are sealed and maintenance free. The gelled construction eliminates vibration to the batteries internal lead plates, decreasing the chances of the plates warping and touching and destroying the battery.


12V 100Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery

The BCG-1231DT is a high quality 12 Volt 100 Ah Deep Cycle Rechargeable Gel battery.

12V 31.6Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery

The 8GU1H is a high quality 12 Volt 31.6 Ah Deep Cycle Rechargeable Gel battery.

12V 97.6Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery

The 8G31DTM is a high quality 12 Volt 97.6 Ah Deep Cycle Rechargeable Dual Terminal Gel battery.

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