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Energizer Batteries

Energizer Batteries

Back in 1896, a man named W.H. Lawrence created the first consumer battery to power home telephones. Weighing over three pounds, it was a big breakthrough in more ways than one.  Cut to nearly a century later, in 2000, when the parent company Energizer Holdings, Inc. was created.  With over 100 years in battery manufactureing, Energizer is one of the worlds most reliable and proven batteries in the marketplace.  Energizer Performance Lithium Batteries are  now the world’s longest lasting AA and AAA batteries in high-tech devices.


344 Silver Oxide Coin Cell Battery

1.55 Volt 100 Mah 344 Silver Oxide Coin Cell Battery (Five Pack)

A23 Alkaline Battery

12 Volt  Minature Energizer Alkaline Button Top Battery (one battery in Energizer packaging)

E90 Alkaline N Battery

1.5 Volt 1000 mAh Energizer Alkaline N  Button Top Battery (One Battery Per Zippy Bag)

EL123A ENERGIZER Lithium Battery

3 Volt 1500 mah ENERGIZER Lithium Battery (One battery in Zip Baggy)

L522 Lithium Battery

9 Volt Long Life ENERGIZER L522 Lithium Battery (One Battery in Carded Packaging)

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