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6V/12V STC 612A Battery Analyzer

6V/12V STC 612A Battery Analyzer
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SKU STC 612A Battery Analyzer
Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions W: 4.75", H: 2.25", L: 3.75",
Our price: $250.00

Dynamic Battery Analyzer STC 612A

Amp hour range of 2 to 24 A.H.

• Tests 6V and 12V Batteries

• Powered by battery under test

• Microprocessor controlled

• Automatic selection of battery voltage

Typical Applications

  • Security System Backup Batteries
  • Security Alarm Batteries
  • UPS Power Backup Batteries
  • Fire Alarm System Batteries

612A Battery Analyzer      612A Test Leads

Description of device and operation

The STC 612A Dynamic Battery Analyzer is a microprocessor controlled, host powered instrument designed to test and evaluate the standby charged condition and dynamic capabilities under load of a 6 or 12 volt, sealed, leadacid battery. It will also give an indication of the performance of the associated charging system. A static test is initiated by connecting the test leads of the instrument to the battery to be analyzed. The STC 612A monitors battery and charging circuit voltage and indicates the results on an easy to read LED display. Pre-load static test: Charging system connected: Charge voltage too high or open battery, charging normal, no charging voltage Battery only: Charge too high or open cell, normal charge, insufficient voltage to test or shorted cell A microprocessor controlled load test sequence is then operator initiated with the battery disconnected from the charging circuit. The load current is based on the battery’s rated AmpHour capacity. The battery condition is evaluated during the load test and latched at the termination. Dynamic load test result: Battery condition: Good, marginal, bad


Input Voltage from battery: 5-16VDC

Load Current: 30 ma. during static test, 3.5 Amps max. during dynamic test.

Static indicator transition voltages:

6V                       12V             INDICATION

<6.05              <12.10            too low to test

6.05-6.75       12.10-13.50    normal charged battery

6.75-7.10       13.50-14.20    normal charging voltage

>7.10             >14.20            overcharging/open battery


Dynamic load current: 1.0 to 3.5 Amps, dependent on A.H. selected.

Dynamic load time interval: 120 to 270 seconds, depending on battery voltage and A.H. selection (all intervals +/-1%)

MECHANICAL Size: 3.75” wide X 4.75” long X 2.25” high.

Weight: 16 oz., including test leads (Shipping weight: 2lb.).

Input Terminals: Standard Banana Jacks, color coded.

Finish: MIL-spec black epoxy paint.

Operating temperature: 0 to 140 degrees F. (-17 to 50 degreesC.). Overtemperature shutdown at 140 degrees F.

Test leads: 48 inch, high voltage cable, colored coded. Stranded, tinned, copper conductor with soldered connections. Plated alligator clips with color coded vinyl insulating boots. Plated right angle banana plugs.

Warranty: Two years parts and labor.


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